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Rheumaliga Schweiz – Was ist Arthrose?

Unsere Gelenke altern mit uns. Mit Arthrose leben wir fast alle, wenn wir die 40 überschritten haben. Vorbeugen ist wichtig. Die Broschüre zeigt wie. Ist die Erkrankung bereits fortgeschritten, informiert die Broschüre über Therapiemöglichkeiten. Quelle: Rheumaliga Schweiz – D301 Arthrose

PLOS ONE: Real-Time Visualization of Joint Cavitation

Cracking sounds emitted from human synovial joints have been attributed historically to the sudden collapse of a cavitation bubble formed as articular surfaces are separated. Unfortunately, bubble collapse as the source of joint cracking is inconsistent with many physical phenomena that define the joint cracking phenomenon. Here we present direct evidence from real-time magnetic resonance imaging that the mechanism of joint cracking is related to cavity formation rather than bubble collapse. In this study, ten metacarpophalangeal joints were studied by inserting the finger of interest into a flexible tube tightened around a length of cable used to provide long-axis traction. Before and after traction, static 3D T1-weighted magnetic resonance images were acquired. During traction, rapid cine magnetic resonance images were obtained from the joint midline at a rate of 3.2 frames per second until the cracking event occurred. As traction forces increased, real-time cine magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated rapid cavity inception at the time of joint separation and sound production after which the resulting cavity remained visible. Our results offer direct experimental evidence that joint …